Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Exhibition News: Merge Visible

I am curating a group show, Merge Visible, for Contemporary British Painting. Merge Visible brings together a group of British painters who layer multiple visual elements or processes, enabling the experience of seeing numerous fragments of information simultaneously in one assimilated painted image. The artists in Merge Visible each bring traditional painterly tropes into dialogue with experiences of reading space, material and subject in the digital world. The paintings are non-representational, removing distinctions of background and foreground in favour of an abstract flattening of space, a negotiation of complex planar relationships and contrasting materials. Their working processes are characterised by bringing together numerous elements in each painting; texture and flatness, gesture and control, logic and intuition, to create a unique painterly vocabulary.

The artists in Merge Visible are: Lisa Denyer, Ian Goncharov, Phil Illingworth, Sarah Longworth-West, Laurence Noga, Lee Marshall, Playpaint and Clare Price.

Review: Imperfect Reverse Symposium

Frederic Anderson, a current MFA Fine Art student at Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL has published a review of the Imperfect Reverse symposium, held at Camberwell College of Arts on 3rd November 2016:


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Exhibition News: Sluice_ Exchange Rates

I will be showing at Art 3 Gallery (http://www.art-3gallery.com), New York as part of Sluice_ Exchange Rates with Saturation Point Projects, 20-23 October 2016.

You can read more information about Sluice_ Exchange Rates here: http://sluice.info/er2016

Exhibition News: Imperfect Revers

I am showing a new painting and accompanying drawing in Imperfect Reverse, opening 18 October 2016 at Camberwell Space, London SE5 8LU.

PV: 27 October 5-9pm

More info here: http://events.arts.ac.uk

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Charley Peters, Line Drawing (2016), graphite on paper
I'm delighted to be one of the 200 artists from 16 countries contributing to Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us) v.2, curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones. The show is on at Corridor Projects, Ohio 2-23 Sept. The exhibition then tours to Boeckercontemporary, Heidelberg, in October. All the works from the show are catalogued at www.curatingcontemporary.com, including my Line Drawing (2016).

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Exhibition News: Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us)

I'll be showing a drawing in Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us), curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones at Corridor, Dayton, Ohio. It runs from 2nd - 23rd September, PV 2nd September 6-9pm.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Undead Painters Flash Salon II

I'll be taking part in the Undead Painters Flash Salon II on Friday 22nd July. The PV is 6-8.30pm and it's open for one night only...

Undead Painters aims to provoke discussion about prominent issues in contemporary painting by bringing together some of the most skilled and knowledgeable painters working in and round London today. Founded by James Petrucci and Alastair Gordon in 2013 the Undead Painters meet several times a year to conduct forums, exhibitions and educational events. For more info: http://undeadpainters.com