Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Stephen Farthing, Blueprint for a New Centre for Drawing

Between 21 January and 1 February 2013 I will be Artist in Residence at the Centre for Drawing (CfD), a University of the Arts London research centre based at Wimbledon College of Arts. During the two week residency I will be working on site at CfD in the residency studio/project space to generate a new body of work in response to the studio environment.

During my preparation for the residency and the time on site at CfD I will be documenting my activities and thoughts on a project blog: http://www.a-n.co.uk/artists_talking/projects/previewPost/2831918

Centre for Drawing is a network designed to encourage; creative thinking and cross-disciplinary discovery that is focused on the scholarly and imaginative exploration of the boundaries of drawing. There is more information about CfD on the Centre's blog: http://thecentrefordrawingual.com