Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A-N Interface Writing Bursary

I am pleased to have been selected to receive a bursary from A-N Interface to write a review of the forthcoming exhibition Young Gods 2012The 2012 edition of the annual exhibition Young Gods will take place simultaneously across two locations in west and east London. Selected and curated by Zavier Ellis, director of Shoreditch gallery CHARLIE SMITH london and co-founder of THE FUTURE CAN WAIT, the exhibition will be a multi-disciplinary presentation of London’s most exciting graduates from the summer of 2012.

Young Gods 2012 opens on 9th and 10th of January in two locations in London. My review will be published shortly afterwards, further details to follow.  

My proposal for receiving the bursary outlines my interest in the exhibition:
Young Gods 2012 will present work by ‘London’s most exciting recent graduates.’ How will the selected work reflect a sensibility of the time; what does the newest and most exciting young art of 2012 look like? Will the exhibition look back reflectively at 2012 or moreover show us the forthcoming face of contemporary art? Young Gods 2012 is happening at a significant time, the landscape of graduate experience is currently in a time of change and its future is uncertain. New models of education and professional development for emerging artists are being developed outside of the university model and the tradition of ‘best of’ graduate shows could soon be a relic of a previous era in art and education history. Could Young Gods 2012 be the beginning of the end?