Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Charley Peters, Paroxysm (detail) (2011), Ink on Paper

Work continues on the Paroxysm series, developing the initial sketches into larger pieces of work (70cm x 100 cm) that explore repetitively drawn lines of different weights and trajectories.

Charley Peters, from the Paroxysm series (2011), Ink on Paper

Sketches: Rupture

Charley Peters, Sketch for Rupture series, Ink on Paper (2011)

Early sketches for a new series of works provisionally titled Rupture, where intersecting coloured lines collide within a drawing.

Charley Peters, Sketches for Rupture series, Ink on Paper (2011)

Sketches: Slice Visual Essay

Charley Peters, Sketches for Slice (2011), Ink on Paper

Over the next two weeks I am continuing to work on a series of drawings that will be part of a visual essay in the publication that accompanies the Slice project that TBC Artists' Collective have been involved in. The latest sketches towards developing work for the publication are a response to the shifting virtual lines suggested by the red elastic stretched between TBC members during their 'drawing in space' in Catherine Wheel Alley.

The Slice website documenting all works created for the project by artists in London and Lahore will be live on Friday, after a launch event at the Ideas Store, Whitechapel on Thursday evening.

Sketches: Opposing Lines

Charley Peters, Untitled Sketch (2011), Ink on Paper

Some early developmental sketches exploring compositions of opposing lines. The lines are set on a deconstructed grid, where the proximity of the lines suggests movement, depth and perspective within the picture plane.

Charley Peters, Untitled Sketches (2011), Ink on Paper