Monday, 17 October 2011

Project News: Future of the City

Work in progress for the Smart Urban Stage Future of the City project

I have been invited to participate in an ongoing project dealing with the future of the city. Initiated by car manufacturers Smart, artists, designers, architects and technologists from different cities around the world are asked to question the urban status quo. Challenged to respond to a question, in this case posed by Gordon Wagener (Head of Design, Mercedes Benz), each project contributor must produce a series of 1-5 photographs as a means of communicating or exploring a notion of a 'future city'. I have been working on a response to Wagener's question, 'In reference to urban mobility (and Megacities) how will design evolve in the upcoming two decades?' My work, a series of drawn and documented interventions in locations around London can be seen online once published on the Future of the City website.

Previous contributions to the Future of the City project can be seen here:

Further information about the project will be posted on Carbon Particles once the work is online.