Saturday, 7 January 2012

Studio Views: Psychoparadoxa, Developments in Studio Drawing

Charley Peters, Studio Drawings for Psychoparadoxa Series (2012), Yarn

My first studio day of 2012 led to developments of the Psychoparadoxa series of line drawings. The drawings were taken from the flat surface of the paper and constructed in yarn, suspended in a 3-dimensional space in the studio. The original works in ink suggested 'opened-out' perspective drawings and by executing them in the physical space of a room the relationship between background and foreground lines could be explored further. The yarn does not make contact with the studio wall at any point, but forms a geometric construction in space that marks out drawn lines in 3-dimensions.

Charley Peters, Studio Drawings for Psychoparadoxa Series (Detail) (2012), Yarn
Charley Peters, from Psychoparadoxa Series (2011), Ink on Graph Paper

Exhibition News: She Blocks the Highway

Charley Peters & Eddie Otchere, Untitled Street Intervention (2011), C-Print and Drawing

This month the international art project She Blocks the Highway opens at Fontanian Studios, Hong Kong. The exhibition will feature works based on artists' captioned visual interpretations of a fictional event written by exhibition organiser Wai Man Leung. My collaboration with photographer Eddie Otchere, Untitled Street Intervention, will be shown as part of the project. The exhibition features work from artists in China, UK, Germany, Finland and USA.