Saturday, 14 August 2010


Xeroxized to infinity

Our present condition has been described in terms of an “ecstasy of communication.” In an era of multiple media, technological advances in telecommunications and in methods of visual reproduction ensure that we are constantly being inundated with images. Televisions, faxes, photocopiers, and computers have become the virtual windows of the age of the information highway, conduits of digitalized impulses that link the individual with a global network of communications. The modern office and home are deluged with reproduced images and information: news on the hour, every hour; movies previewed, premiered, released, cloned into videos, and drip-fed through cable TV. It is a culture of the copy, a society of saturation, the second flood. The world has become “xeroxized” to infinity.

From 'The Saturation of the Image'
MIT Press.