Friday, 10 June 2011

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Studio Views: Work in Progress, Covariance Series

Charley Peters Covariance (2011), Electrical Tape, Canvas, Wall.

Covariance (2011) (Detail)

These photographs document the beginning of a new series of work, provisionally called Covariance. The work is concerned with the interruption of a series of lines as they encounter a raised surface, in this case a canvas on the studio wall. The lines are made from electrical tape, stretched across the wall and over the canvas, which interferes with the lines' passage across the flat surface.


covariance  (kəʊˈvɛərɪəns)  — noun
statistics  a measure of the association between two random variables, equal to the expected value of the product of the deviations from the mean of the two variables, and estimated by the sum of products of deviations from the sample mean for associated values of the two variables, divided by the number of sample points. Written as: Cov ( X, Y )

Covariance (2011) Digital Preparatory Drawings