Monday, 14 November 2011

Studio Views: Work in Progress, Autosuggestion

Charley Peters  Autosuggestion (detail) (2011), Duct tape on wall

This is the latest work in the ongoing series of wall drawings in duct tape. It develops previous pieces where architectural features intervene with drawn lines by working across floor spaces, ceilings, and, as in this case, around a corner of a room. It is interesting for me to move the disrupted lines drawn on paper in works such as Interruptions ( into real locations, using a physical material such as duct tape to draw with. When being used as a drawing medium the tape moves across both two and three dimensions to delineate lines and spaces. It has the resiliance to be manipulated across a room's different surfaces and visual planes to make a multi-dimensional drawing in space.

Charley Peters, Autosuggestion (2011)