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Studio Views: Work in Progress, Autosuggestion

Charley Peters  Autosuggestion (detail) (2011), Duct tape on wall

This is the latest work in the ongoing series of wall drawings in duct tape. It develops previous pieces where architectural features intervene with drawn lines by working across floor spaces, ceilings, and, as in this case, around a corner of a room. It is interesting for me to move the disrupted lines drawn on paper in works such as Interruptions ( into real locations, using a physical material such as duct tape to draw with. When being used as a drawing medium the tape moves across both two and three dimensions to delineate lines and spaces. It has the resiliance to be manipulated across a room's different surfaces and visual planes to make a multi-dimensional drawing in space.

Charley Peters, Autosuggestion (2011)

Monday, 7 November 2011

Project News: Future of the City

Charley Peters, Future Cities (2011), London

The work I produced recently for Smart Urban Stage is now online on the Future of the City pages of the website. In the project, Professor Gordon Wagener, Head of Design, Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart asked eight international artists and designers to respond to the question, 'In reference to urban mobility, how will design evolve in the upcoming two decades?'

The work I made translated my studio practice into a series of ephemeral drawn interventions in London. I am interested in the lines of movement within the city, and how, as cities continue to grow in the future, the paths of motion of the wandering flaneur intersect the transit of automated transport and vice versa. The works responded to the architectural and natural features of the locations, marking out physical lines and spaces in duct tape in a playful encounter with the urban landscape. Sometimes the placement of the tape collapsed foreground and background features once documented photographically as in the image on the left. The works were not planned and had to be executed quickly in response to the locations.

To accompany the works I wrote the following statement, which can be seen on the Future City site alongside the complete series of images,
'...To navigate through the urban environment we need to react to the materiality of its evolving geography, to learn to play with space and draw lines through a city that respond to our physical experiences. These ephemeral drawings in tape use locations in London as a canvas on which to plot linear journeys and spatial encounters. Lines divide, designate and dictate our urban mobility, but they are also a legacy of our passage through cities as autonomous individuals'

More responses to Gordon Wagener's question will be uploaded over the next few weeks.
The complete series can be seen at:

Left: Creating the work, London SW11   Right: Future Cities (2011)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Studio Views: Work in Progress, Autosuggestion

Charley Peters, Autosuggestion (2011), Duct tape on wall

Autosuggestion is the latest of my recent explorations of drawing with tape directly onto the studio wall. Although still being concerned with the repetition of parallel lines, Autosuggestion also explores geometric form and employs a wider colour palette than in previous tape drawings. This series will continue to develop in the studio over the successive weeks. More images of subsequent work will be posted on Carbon Particles when available.

Charley Peters, Autosuggestion (Detail) (2011), Duct tape on wall

Studio Views: Work in Progress, Psychoparadoxa

Charley Peters, Psychoparadoxa (Work in Progress) (2011), Electrical tape on wall

Psychoparadoxa are new works on the wall (above) and paper (below) that use the notion of perspective drawing as the starting point for geometric explorations of space. In these examples limited colour is used to both explain and confuse the separate planes of foreground and background.

Charley Peters, Psychoparadoxa (sketches) (2011), Pen on paper