Sunday, 24 March 2013

Work in Progress: Wall Drawing

Charley Peters, Sketch for a Wall Drawing (2013), Graphite, Spray Paint, Fluorescent Paint, Card & Pins.
Approx 120cm x 90cm 

Charley Peters, Sketch for a Wall Drawing (2013) (Detail) 
Macquette for a wall drawing concerned with reflected light and colour, disrupted grid structures and gradients of grey.


Charley Peters, Sketchbook (2013), Graphite Powder, Spray Paint, Fluorescent Paint & Charcoal on Paper

Work in Progress: Graphite and Tape

Charley Peters, Untitled Drawing (2013), Graphite Powder on Paper
Exploratory drawing in sketchbook generated by systematically applying graphite powder to paper with a paintbrush, then removing layers of it with masking tape.

Work in Progress: Graphite Drawings

Charley Peters, Untitled (2013), Photographs of Graphite Drawings

Continuing from recent explorations of drawing and reflected light, these photographs record the surface of four drawings in graphite on newsprint. The delicate surface of the paper is stretched and creased by repetitively drawn lines, intensely worked until the entire paper is covered with graphite. During the process of photographing the drawings, the camera records the light reflected off their surface, and the effect of the drawing process on the paper.