Sunday, 23 January 2011

Project News: A Message To...

A Message To... Ann Oakley (2011)

A Message To...
On 22 January 2011 members of TBC Artists' Collective - Beverley Bennett, Laura Davidson, Paul Mendez, James Tuitt and myself - travelled to Oxford to complete the first part of a long-term project, 'A Message To...' 

Each artist made a piece of interventionist work inspired by someone who has contributed to the cultural life of Oxford. My work, a drawing in dirt for sociologist Ann Oakley, who has written extensively about women's experiences as housewives and mothers, was installed in a display cabinet in the Pitt Rivers Museum. 

The cabinet, on the first floor of the museum, is directly underneath a vitrine containing ethnographic objects relating to marriage. Oakley graduated from Somerville College, Oxford in 1965, where she is now a Fellow.


The site of the dirt drawing intervention in the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

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