Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Bad Behaviour Review

Here's an excerpt from a review of recent show Bad Behaviour written by Paul Luckraft, curator at Modern Art Oxford.

'...Also engaged in a formal play is Charley Peters, whose abstract drawings employ delicate lines, coloured tape and graphiteThe drawings have a real elegance, particularly the smaller line based pieces that appear as if they could be woodblock prints or etchings.  The larger tape piece in grey, black and white stripes which emanate out from the centre of the board in a sunburst affect is displayed propped against a wall, with a green light giving an artificial toxic glow behind it.  This piece in particular has echoes of Jim Lambie’s psychedelic, optically dizzying installations.  Another larger framed drawing in graphite suggests TV white noise or a night-time snowstorm. Here subtle lines, perhaps creases or folds, add a tension to the ‘all-over’ composition...'

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