Thursday, 15 November 2012

New Work: In Progress

Charley Peters, Untitled Study (2012), Inkjet Prints of a Photograph of a Drawing 
Current studio activity is focused around the development of small heavily worked graphite drawings onto newsprint (below). As the drawing is developed the repetitive strokes of the graphite manipulate the surface of the delicate paper causing it to ripple, line and in some cases rip. When photographed these movements in the paper surface are highlighted further due to the reflection of light from the metallic finish of the graphite. The above image shows two colour inkjet prints displayed next to each other on the studio wall.

Charley Peters, Untitled Drawing (2012), Graphite on Newsprint

Further compositional explorations using prints and photocopies of the graphite drawings are being made on the studio wall (below).

Charley Peters, Untitled (2012), Inkjet Prints of a Photograph of a Drawing

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