Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Exhibition News: Other Rooms at BasementArtsProjects

Ben Woodeson (2014), Neon Lighting and Glass)
I will be taking part in Other Rooms, an exhibition also featuring Hanz Hancock, Patrick Morrissey, Giulia Ricci, Sarah Sparkes, Andy Wicks, Ben Woodeson, and John Workman at BasementArtsProjects in January 2015. 

Other Rooms gathers eight artists whose practice encapsulates a wide diversity of approaches, from performance and painting to film, sculpture and installation. Each artist will react to the physical characteristics of BasementArtsProject’s gallery environment and reconsider the life of the art object when it is contextualised outside of the ideological space of the 'white cube'. BasementArtsProject’s Other Rooms acts as a fulcrum where artworks expand into a notional consideration of space beyond the modern tradition of the art gallery. This analysis of alternative spaces suggests a reflection on the vocabulary of territories, institutions, boundaries, and their related systems of inclusion and exclusion, representation and de-presentation. For the duration of the exhibition the gallery space will be unlit, with all artworks providing their own light source.

Preview: Friday 16th January 2015 | 7.30pm – 9.30pm

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